What is SEIAST?  Visual Artists in a 5 county area of South East Iowa are invited to participate in this event. The following counties are participating: Des Moines, Henry, Jefferson, Lee, and Washington. This is a self-guided tour through Southeastern Iowa, to see unique artwork being created by fine area artisans who will open up their studio or be setting up at an artist “gathering“ location. The goal is to feature approximately 50 artists throughout the region. Note:There are a few expectations you should be aware of as a hosting artist. Because this is a “studio tour” and not a gallery walk, artists need to be demonstrating on site if at all possible. An alternative to actually working would be to have a work in progress or samples which illustrate how your work comes to completion.

WHERE:  The tour will be taking place in Des Moines, Henry, Jefferson, Lee, and Washington counties. Artists are to open their studios to the public or locate at a gathering place (for multiple artists to set up). Artists without public accessible studios may join in a shared space referred to as a “gathering”. The gathering locations can be inside or outside. If outside, there will be outdoor spaces available and artist must furnish their own canopy if desired and setup supplies. Please contact your county representative for gathering location information. Some communities do have space available at their local Art Guilds.

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